Course options in particular core categories may change from time to time as the structure of the departments offering the courses may change. This page will contain the most current options; please refer to your particular catalog year for options in effect at that time.

*Some majors have been granted core adjustments. Please refer to the appropriate catalog and major for details.*

COR 107 or COR 108/109: The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing
COR 110: The Great Conversation: Introduction to the Liberal Arts (for first year students with AP or dual enrollment credit for composition)
PE 015-017: La Vida or Discovery

BCM 101: Old Testament History, Literature and Culture
BCM 103: New Testament History, Literature and Culture
BCM 308: Christian Theology - Prerequisites: BCM 101, BCM 103
PHI 118: The Examined Life OR 4 credits of PHILOSOPHY (choose from PHI202, PHI203, PHI220, PHI233, PHI234, or PHI236)
HIS 121: Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief and Civilization
NSM 202: The Scientific Enterprise - Prerequisites: BCM101, COR107 or 109, sophomore standing or permission of instructor. Unique nature of this course requires matriculated students to take NSM202 at Gordon College. Activity fee.

Language Study (8 credits)
One year of foreign language study (in the same language) at the beginning college level is required. 

  • Students who validate language I or language I and II will complete 4 credits each in social sciences, fine arts, and literature.
  • Students who do not validate the language requirement will complete 8 credits of language and 8 credits total in social sciences, fine arts, and literature, with at least two credits from each of those three categories.

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Natural Sciences 
BIO150, BIO151, BIO222, BIO225, BIO302, CPS101, CPS121, CPS331, BIO/KIN213, KIN112, MAT121, MAT134, MAT200, NSM220, PHY111, PHY121, PHY125, PHY200, PHY283, PHY293, PHY372

Social Sciences
ECB101, ECB349, HIS244, HIS344, POL104, POL312, POL322, PSY180, SOC102, SOC103, SOC106, SWK201

Fine Arts
ART102, ART110, ART150, ART151, ART152, ART210, ART220, ART225, ART270, ART325, ART410, COM152, COM205, COM241, COM358, FNA112, JAF291, MUS216, MUS241, MUS245, MUS337,  ORV270, THT110, THT234, THT243, THT291


Ensemble Option

The Fine Arts requirement may be fulfilled by completing four semesters of ensembles; there is no two semester option.  Ensembles may be taken for one or zero credits; completion of more than one ensemble in any semester still counts as one semester towards the requirement.

MUS250, MUS251, MUS252, MUS253, MUS254, MUS257, MUS258

ENG 140, ENG141, EDU232, SPN372

There are several sections of ENG140 and special "selected topics" courses being offered. Course Descriptions