COR 107 or COR 108/109: The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing
PE 015-017: La Vida or Discovery

BCM 101: Old Testament History, Literature and Culture
BCM 103: New Testament History, Literature and Culture
BCM 308: Christian Theology - Prerequisites: BCM 101, BCM 103
PHI 118: The Examined Life
HIS 121: Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief and Civilization
NSM 202: The Scientific Enterprise - Prerequisites: BCM101, COR107 or 109, sophomore standing or permission of instructor. Unique nature of this course requires matriculated students to take NSM202 at Gordon College. Activity fee.

Language Study
One year of foreign language study in the same language at the beginning level is required.
Physical Education (each course 0 credits; course fee applied)
Two DIFFERENT courses from PE018–099. Physical Education Activity Classes should be completed prior to junior year.


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The Natural World (4 credits)
Purpose: To deepen student appreciation for constructs and methods of science, explore scientific insights about the natural world, and reflect on responsibilities such knowledge requires of individuals and society.

The Human Person (4 credits)
Purpose: To explore many facets of “humanness” including emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual, both from perspective of self-reflective individual and on larger level of social interaction.

Aesthetic Sensibilities and Practices (4 credits)
Purpose: To enhance understanding, practice and critique of creative expression through study of relationships between meaning, style, experience, and emotional and rational responses.

Civic Responsibility (4 credits)
Purpose: To explore within Christian framework our individual and communal citizen responsibilities to do justice and love mercy in local communities, on national level, and in the wider world.

Global Understanding (0-4 credits)
Purpose: To promote responsible living in modern world, enhance understanding of cultural differences, communicate across cultural boundaries, and work for peace and justice among people and nations.
May be fulfilled through study abroad opportunities.  Please see Global Education Office for specific programs.


NOTE: One of these themes must be taken as an approved literature class.